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Edgar Romero

CEO​, Former Executive Producer / Creative Director

I've been in the film/video industry and an entrepreneur for over a decade and I've taken what I've learned on set as well as what it takes to build a successful business. In the end, effectiveness and efficiency have been the driving force for my career. In the end, I strive to provide a great experience to my clients, opportunities to creatives alike, and continue producing as an artist.  


I launched a skateboarding company at the age of 14. Soon after I realized I need to produce content to promote my products online, thus prompting me to purchase my first camera and laptop. That decision is what led me to falling in love with my passion of filmmaking.


I am intrigued at the process it takes to produce a film. As there are many steps involved, there are just as many talented people working collaboratively. Working as a team in a creative environment makes the process a whole lot fun. Everyone brings there unique talent to create a masterpiece. 

Parallel Lines
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