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Audio Production Services

Great sound is more relevant than ever and yes, you can hear the difference.


This is where our professional audio production services come in.


When your audio is bad, that’s what people will notice. When it’s good, people will notice the message. At Washington Digital Media, our audio producers and engineers have the talent, tools, and expertise to make your project sound its best.


From the day we started, high-quality sound has been our passion and at the heart of what we do. Below is a list of the audio production services we offer.



Podcasting has quickly become one of the most effective ways of getting your message out there. We have all the audio tools and facilities you need to record your podcast. Whether it’s a one-off interview or a long-running series, talk to us about your idea and needs.



As important as your script and visuals are for your content, the voiceover is crucial to its overall effectiveness. The voice of your content is the voice of your brand. We can pair your script with the perfect actor and get the best performance out of them.



Legendary film score composer Hans Zimmer once said "If you talk to any director, they'll say music is fifty percent of the movie."


Music adds emotion and feelings to your content which is key when you are talking to people. Our audio engineers know exactly what style of music will evoke the feelings your story is looking for.


Sound Design

Sound creates a unique atmosphere, entices emotion, awakens memories, and sets the important tone in a story. We focus on clean, clear audio throughout the production process; from recording and mixing, to the final steps in best preparing your audio for the medium in which it will be heard.



We are here for you

If you need full post-production sound services for video, then we can help. We have everything you need when it comes to sound for video and film.


At Washington Digital Media we have over 8000 square feet of production space for your audio production needs. Our audio engineers are vastly experienced in both sound design and post-production for film. Speak with us today for a free quote!

Audio Production





State of the art audio production equipment located at our DC studio.