Hello, and Welcome to Washington Digital Media!

Written By: Ricardo Villalba Edited By: Zach Champ


Hola and Buenos Dias!

My name is Ricardo Villalba, and I am the proud owner of Washington Digital Media. We are an award-winning, Washington D.C based digital media and video production company with several years of experience serving the greater Washington D.C metropolitan area.

As a child, I had constantly dreamed of making my own films. I wanted to make movies and tell the stories that I felt were missing from the big screen. To follow my passion, I completed a film program at the New York Film Academy in the year 2000.

However, film-making was a costly art to pursue back then, so I had to change my career path for a few years. However, when the digital camera premiered on the market in 2009, I was at long last able to get back into my passion and hobby for filming and directing. I later would end up spending my free time producing a complete web series as well as a full-length film.

After my success with these projects, I finally decided to start my own company with Washington Digital Media on August 9, 2014.

Since then, I have been hard at work in the film and digital media industry, and I distinctly remember when we first started with only one camera and worked on projects out of my house.

Our first contract was for $6500, and it took $4000 to purchase our first camera and lenses!

It would take many years for us to grow and develop, and today I am pleased with the results!

Nowadays we no longer work out of my home, but now have an office with an amazing staff of talented individuals! We have met so many wonderful people through the course of our business over the past five years, including fellow community leaders, public officials, local entrepreneurs, and local celebrities.

In the beginning, I faced difficulties while pursuing my dream, and I had to choose other jobs until the opportunity came. As a consequence of enduring all of my past challenges, I can absolutely say that I understand what it means to be in the struggle, and that is why I love providing opportunities for young aspiring filmmakers in the DC metropolitan area.

In the last eighteen months, we have had three interns from Mennonite University, and we are working with seven film students from the LA Film Connection.

At Washington Digital Media we believe in the power of film and video to educate, create change, and inspire others!”

We also love helping out our clients with their projects, and appreciate learning and sharing their various experiences with others.

I have found working with a wide range of people here in the DMV from all types of professional backgrounds and personal circumstances that there exist many interesting stories out there in the world. America is a nation based on the principles of resilience and perseverance, and currently, so many spectacular people are doing amazing things with stories worth showcasing.

I am a firm believer in behaving in an ethical and morally conscious manner and in trying to promote the common good within our society. As a Latino with a childhood experience growing up in a rural community, I support being environmentally sustainable and recognize the need to take care of our planet and nature. My goal is to use my company to help educate, empower, and entertain my fellow community members.

I’ve gained immense satisfaction over the years running this business. I love working with my team and consider them to be part of my family. We eat lunch together every day, we share jokes and stories, and we are there to support each other during our most important moments.

Without them, there would be no Washington Digital Media!

When it comes to my business success, I can proudly point to my hard work ethic and the support of my amazing and beautiful wife. When I am not working, I enjoy being a dad and spending time with my several children. Of course, I also love going to watch new movies in the theater, traveling, and meeting people.

I am a dedicated Christian and faithfully believe in, and strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ to help bring out the best in me spiritually, mentally, and physically!

I have enjoyed sharing my personal story and information about me with you all, and I hope to hear from you soon!

If you or someone you know in Washington D.C or the greater DMV could benefit from Washington Digital Media’s expertise and experience in digital media and video production, content marketing, or advertising then please, by all means, do not hesitate to reach out and contact us!

You can learn more about Washington Digital Media today by visiting our website at https://www.washingtondigitalmedia.com/.

With warm regards,

Ricardo Villalba

Chief Executive Officer & Owner Washington Digital Media