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Updated: Feb 18

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I'm always exploring ways to make my income last longer and have my money work for me.

Just like many of you, my income dwindles when I pay the bills. But the period in which i have money in my account, that is when I feel I need to do something with the money.

That is why a few years ago I started learning and investing CryptoCurrency. Sometimes I would take $500 and invest in a particular crypto, and within a week or two my $500 would turn into $600 or $700. But I also have to admit that sometimes there can be a loss, and instead of getting back $500 it would turn into $350.

But overall, I was able to make some extra money. When the coronavirus started, I got back into cryptocurrency and noticed the prices of crypto dropping, so I decided to invest again. Within a week my $500 turned into $728 – I was incredibly happy and took my profit, but also with some regrets as the values are still increasing. I decided to wait and watch the changes over the weekend, and invest again on Sunday.

While exploring the new platform of Coinbase, I noticed a new page: "Earn Crypto while Learning Crypto," and since I now have some free time I decided to give it a shot. I have to admit, it was very enlightening – as a business owner and entrepreneur I always have to educate myself with new technologies and opportunities.

Do you know about blockchain? If you do, great; if you don't, then you should. Blockchain is the future of the internet and many companies are finding ways to protect online transactions, the transfer of information, finances, etc. Some companies have created cryptocurrency to support their platforms, and some cryptocurrency are ways to transfer funds.

Anyway, I don't want to take up too much of your time, but I'll give you a link:

My first gift in the form of bitcoin!


By joining Coinbase, you get $10 dollars in Bitcoin. If you go and take their online classes, you can make up to $60, just to learn.

Most of the educational videos are short and easy to understand. I wish you the best as this is how I would like to help you make some money during these difficult times.

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