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🎥 LEARN FILM-MAKING 101: Introduction 🎥

Written By: Ricardo Villalba & Zach Champ

Edited By: Zach Champ

Why should you learn film-making? There are several reasons why you may have an interest in learning film-making and video production.

Maybe you have an interest in movies or cinema, or maybe you are an individual who enjoys cameras, video technology, and video software.

Perhaps you have a passion for sharing stories… whatever the case, learning film-making can be an opportunity to master a new skill and generate income by doing something you love!

With the widespread use of television, the internet, and social media, video and digital media has become a significant and important influence in everyone’s lives.

The digital media and video production industry is a growing field, and there is currently a large demand for these services by all types of corporate companies and small businesses.

The best time to get involved with the film and media industry is now!

If you are a business owner then you definitely need to focus on creating video content.

Video and digital media can help benefit your business and brand in various ways. Video can help by promoting products, advertising services, and connecting with target audiences.

As a business, you can use video not only to market and advertise, but also to help with training new employees, celebrating individual/team/company achievements, and to inform employees of new company programs or initiatives.

In addition, video and digital media can allow you to share your company’s story, express your business core values, and motivate others towards your call-to-action.

Utilizing video and digital media is an essential element of any solid social media or content marketing campaign.

At Washington Digital Media we are experts at teaching people how to create cinematic, high-quality videos and films!

Through learning film-making, you can express yourself in a new creative medium and share your experiences and stories with others.

Many people think you must be a celebrity, musician, or actor to make videos.

The truth is anyone can make high-quality and captivating videos!


Washington Digital Media is the District of Colombia’s premier video production and digital media company with over 5 years of experience serving the Washington D.C metropolitan area.

Washington Digital Media works with a large variety of clients including non-profits, local government agencies, small businesses, and creative artists.

We have experience filming and producing everything from music videos to full-length movies.

Some of our past films and creative projects include:

  • Full-Length Film: Backwater (Directed By Chris Schrack)

  • Web Series: "Victor and Erica"

  • Short Film: "Here Come's Eddie" (Directed By Chris Schrack)

  • Short Video Content: Rice and Beans Comedy Channel

  • Music Video: Mundo Racheta "Friends" Official Music Video


Washington Digital Media is proud to announce it’s new film-making and video production course “Film-Making 101” which we will be offering both online at our website and in weekly classes at our office/studio located right here in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C!

Each week we will be teaching a new lesson that focuses on essential elements and concepts related to the art of film-making and cinematic video production. We also will explore related topics such as financing film projects, marketing films, and how to make money running a digital media business.

Each week’s lesson will feature a companion blog article and recorded video of the in-person class. The best part is we provide these learning aids and tools for free at no charge and with no catch!

This is part of Washington Digital Media’s commitment to teaching others the art of film-making and science of media production!

To learn more, sign up for our latest email announcements and don’t forget to keep visiting our site to stay up to date with the latest informational articles and videos!


Each week we will publish an article that contains the lesson taught during the class. The articles consist of more in-depth discussions about the topics presented in the lesson.

A complete list of all the lessons and articles are as follows:

  • Visual Story-Telling & Cinematography

  • Videography & Video-Editing

  • Basics of Cameras and Production

  • How to Write Your First FIlm

  • How to Finance Film Projects

  • How to Market Your Film

  • How to Run a Digital Media & Video Production Company

Upon completing all the lessons, as well as the four learning exercises, students should have a better understanding and advanced knowledge in film-making and video production.

Finishing Washington Digital Media’s “Film-Making 101” course will prepare students to enroll in further advanced training and begin the process of becoming certified in film-making, video production or cinematography.

Start your journey to a wonderful career in the film-making, digital media, and video production industry today!

Image by Chris Yang

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