Washington DC's Premier Production

At Washington Digital Media, we believe in the power of film to educate, effect change, and inspire.

Washington Digital Media was founded with the vision of becoming a movie production company in Washington DC and over the course of a decade, we have become more than that. We have become a creative agency for many non-profits, businesses, and government organizations, helping amplify their voice through the power of storytelling and digital media. 



We are a team of graphic designers, filmmakers, storytellers, digital marketers, content creators, and producers. Our lean, mean, production machine is ready to perform for any project because we are passionate about what we do.

Meet The Team


Ricardo Villalba

Founder & CEO

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Steve Gonzalez

Digital Marketing / COO

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Edgar Romero

Exec. Producer / Creative Director

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Chris Schrack

Founder / Senior Producer

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Francia Betanzos

Project Manager

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Geo Rosendi

Videographer / Editor

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Fernando Semedo

Videographer / Editor

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Quentin Loman

Communications Director

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Olivia Miles


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Brenda Hayes

Director, "Aint I A Woman" DOC

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Joy Jewell

MC- Actress- Host

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Pedro Biaggi

Radio Personality

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