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Livestream Your Next Event With Washington Digital Media

Creative media packages available to make your next event stand out online.

Live-streaming Capabilities

Tailored To Your Production Needs

Multi Camera  (Up to 8 Cameras)

Capture your event from multiple angles on fixed and moving cameras manned by well trained experts.

Audio Integrated (Up to 8 Channels)

Integrate sound directly from your events soundboard (preferred) or set up multiple mics on your set (for stream, not event).

Custom Animated Graphics

Show your audience who's speaking, what's being presented, even your event sponsors with custom animated graphics.

Live Feed Outputs for Projection

Project our main program feed onto your screens for your audience in attendance.

Recording of All Content

Make the stream timeless with the possibility of future editing by pressing record on all cameras

Our Production Team on Set

Team Varies by Size of Production

No matter the size of your production, our trained staff at Washington Digital Media get the job done.

Technical Director

The technical director(s) guide the camera team to capture the right moments in the best way possible.

Livestream Director

The live-stream director makes sure to display the right graphics in accordance to the events program. 

Production Crew

The production crew runs all the equipment to its right location on time and ready for the show.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

We help our clients utilize the power of media to get the right message to their audience. Whether you need customers to buy your product, or the community needs to be aware of the social programs you're offering, our services will help you reach that goal.

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